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Rite-Solutions is an award-winning software development, systems engineering, information technology and learning development firm based in Middletown, RI with satellite offices in Pawcatuck, CT, Dahlgren, VA, and Washington, DC.


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Our Foundation

In 2000, Rite-Solutions, Inc. was founded on the core principle that work need not be drudgery and that a community environment is more conducive to a healthy work experience than a rigid, hierarchical corporation.

To create this type of environment, each employee must feel trusted and relevant. They must know that they are welcomed, important, and valued. Having meaningful relationships with employees is how we have created an environment where individuals care, commit, and contribute on a daily basis.

This was our founders’ vision almost 25 years ago, and is who we are today. It allows us to leverage the collective genius of the organization for the betterment of all.

Our Values

Rite-Solutions employees exhibit our values every day. You see it in how they conduct themselves and treat one another. It’s what attracts people to our company and makes them want to stay. It’s our belief that each of us is One of F.E.W. (Friends Enjoying Work).

Our Founders

Over twenty years ago, Jim Lavoie, Joe Marino, and Linda Edwards-Lavoie set out to create a different kind of company. The three founders believed that cultivating meaningful relationships with employees would lead to better business performance compared to a command-and-control culture. Today, Rite-Solutions is a vibrant, creative, innovative organization with an enviable company culture.

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Jim Lavoie
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Joe Marino
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Linda Edwards-Lavoie
Jim is the company's Chairman and a leader, speaker, author, innovator, motivator, singer, and the creative genius behind Rite-Solutions. Jim helped Rite-Solutions become more than a fine technical operation. He also created a culture of fun, excitement, and “innovation every day” that is leading the industry in identifying thought-provoking concepts to inspire and challenge today’s “knowledge force.”

Jim served in the US Navy Submarine Force, worked at Electric Boat as an instructor, and joined A&T as a project manager. Jim’s unique leadership style helped him earn a promotion to Executive Vice President at A&T and President of a wholly-owned subsidiary called Integrated Performance Decisions (IPD).

Given Jim’s personal drive and vision of a “better way” for caring, nurturing, and leading people, it was inevitable that he would one day run his own company. So, in 2000, Jim founded Rite-Solutions. True to Jim’s dream, the company defies many tenants of the “norm” and seeks new and innovative ways to create relevance for its employees and customers.

Joe graduated from the University of Rhode Island (URI) with a BSEE and earned his MBA from the University of New Hampshire (UNH). Joe also was selected to attend the Harvard Business School Program for Management Development Program. In 2008, he was inducted into the URI Business Leadership Hall of Fame.

During that time, Joe served in the US Navy as a Communications Technician but earned most of his sea time with Electric Boat as an electrical engineer. In 1980, Joe began a long and successful career with Analysis & Technology, where he supported the Naval Undersea System Command (NUWC) in Middletown, RI. Under Joe’s watch, this operation grew to more than 350 people.

With his close friend and fellow A&T alum, Jim Lavoie, Joe formed Rite-Solutions, Inc. in 2000. Joe is currently the CEO and Co-Founder, where he is responsible for the company’s strategy and culture. His legacy is building a solid foundation for its continued success, based on meaningful relationships with employees and clients, into the future.

Linda’s introduction to the Government Contracting world came in 1983 when she was fortunate to work for Analysis & Technology, Inc. She started in the Corporate office, where she learned from the best for four years. Linda then transferred to A&T’s DC office, where she spent seven more years on the government side.

On two occasions, A&T subsidiaries chose Linda to be the Chief Financial Officer. She continued to work for one of the subsidiaries, Integrated Performance Decisions, for another six years. When Anteon Corporation acquired A&T, the company promoted Linda to Vice President. But, watching a shifting culture was difficult. So, Linda decided to join Jim and Joe to help them realize their vision for Rite-Solutions.

Linda’s role at Rite-Solutions was to be a reminder that there are only two assets in a company: your employees and your customers. That principle always guided Linda’s decisions as CFO at Rite-Solutions.

Linda took great pride in providing transparency to the employees and customers regarding the operations at Rite-Solutions. While Linda has transitioned away from the role of CFO, her decisions as a Board Member will always be driven by what is in the best interest of Rite-Solutions’ employees and customers.

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