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Rite-Solutions is an award-winning software development, systems engineering, information technology and learning development firm based in Middletown, RI with satellite offices in Pawcatuck, CT, Dahlgren, VA, and Washington, DC.


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Rite-Solutions’ Contract Information

Rite-Solutions is pleased to offer engineering, technical and programmatic support under our Seaport NxG Contract. We have assembled a diverse team with offices throughout the country in order to provide excellent, innovative solutions, and immediately responsive technical services for all functional areas of the Seaport NxG in order to meet any requirement.

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Quality Assurance Program

Our Quality Management System (QMS) ensures we perform QA throughout the product lifecycle by addressing quality issues early, comprehensively, and using automated tools wherever possible. We base our QMS on our ISO 9001-2015 and CMMI QA practices and assets. We integrate our QMS into all activities we perform, reducing performance risk. These practices and assets, coupled with our institutional policies, team resources, and management commitment to continuous improvement, are key to providing exceptional customer support and high-quality products.

Our approach to high quality products includes the following.

  • Management commitment and policies that institutionalize excellence through proven quality and process improvement standards and practices in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Manual (QMS-APX-002) and Quality System Procedures.
  • Organizational, project, and QA structure ensures we provide outstanding service and deliverables to customers and stakeholders, have the required resources, and perform all work in accordance with contract requirements.
  • Internal and external project quality monitoring, review, and assessment ensures we meet and/or exceed goals as defined in the SOW or TI.
  • Stakeholder collaboration, feedback, development of lessons learned, and continuous process improvement throughout the project lifecycle.

Our QMS requires each project produce a plan that addresses coordination, in-process reviews, and the validation of requirements for all tasks and deliverables. We fully integrate these plans and procedures into our task performance with involvement from our QA functional group at task inception through successful product delivery to the customer. Our QA Functional Manager supports the Program Manager to ensure autonomy and objectivity so product quality receives the highest visibility possible and is not subject to compromise.

Our QMS and associated plans focus on achieving innovation, continuous improvement, and collaboration. It identifies policies, processes, and instructions for fulfilling quality requirements and establishes methods for non-intrusive monitoring during contract execution. We flow down all quality requirements to our subcontractors, so all products and services conform to contractual requirements and we have a consistent approach to product quality. We continually monitor quality internally (within the project team) and externally (corporate QA and management teams). Our approach ensures we integrate our policies into a cohesive and comprehensive Quality Control Plan (QCP) that supports on-premise and cloud-based quality system monitoring activities. The following provides key activities and processes that guide our customized QCP to ensure we deliver the highest quality products and services.

Devlop QCP
Monitoring & Assessment
QC Correction Process
Lessons Learned

Develop Quality Control Program

  • What are the quality goals (objectives to achieve)?
  • What needs to be measured (metrics)?
  • How will it be measured (methods)?
  • Who will measure (roles and responsibilities)?
  • What is an acceptable level of quality?

Perform Periodic Monitoring & asseessment

  • Establish quality critical milestones
  • Perform periodic and aperiodic monitoring of critical activities and processes
  • Independent quality team access performance
  • Identified required corrective action

Develop Quality Control correction Process

  • Clearly identify problem
  • Provide boundaries
  • Identify potential solution
  • Select the optimum solution based on the boundaries defined
  • Develop “get well” plan to implement a solution
  • Retest to ensure resolution
  • Update QCP

Identify Lessons Learned

  • Determine root cause
  • Provide systemic solution through modified process
  • Measure quality improvement over time to ensure permanent solution
  • Implement a new quality performance baseline to ensure continuous improvement
  • Update QCP
We implement and apply QA practices throughout the project lifecycle to continuously improve the quality of our products and services. As a result, our continuous QA improvement practices are embedded into our QMS.

Points of Contact (POC)

Technical POC

Laura Deady
1 Corporate Place, 2nd Floor
Middletown, RI 02842

Phone: (401) 847-3399 x211
Fax: (401) 847-8833

Customer Satisfaction POC

Laura Deady
1 Corporate Place, 2nd Floor
Middletown, RI 02842

Phone: (401) 847-3399 x211
Fax: (401) 847-8833

Contract POC

Susan Wilding
185 South Broad Street, Suite 303
Pawcatuck, CT 06379

Phone: (860) 599-1938 x205
Fax: (860) 599-1969